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Just 1 day remaining for the 2015 Cricket World Cup to begin and I am so excited.
Wonay #19 13/2/15/12:00

It is sad to see bright students cheating their way to the finish line when they could pretty much learn the ropes and do it right every single time when the actual need to perform arises in real life.
Savio #35 9/2/15/23:16

Even the brightest of people sometimes cannot follow simple instructions or maybe they just play dumb because they don't want to follow the basic instructions in the first place.
Savio #34 9/2/15/23:11

I intend to invent a software app that helps females all over the world track a sex offender or domestic abuser within 50 feet from them.
Neha #3 9/2/15/14:08

The world needs to respect women a lot more, it is hard to figure out why someone that helps create more human beings is treated like a slut.
Neha #2 9/2/15/13:53

Writing is a cool hobby, it is a soothing therapy that does not cost me anything, I intend to write a post tonight.
Neha #1 9/2/15/13:47

Never let anyone push you around or dictate terms to you, no one on this planet can control you or make you feel low but yourself.
Meher #12 9/2/15/13:38

You cannot polish a diamond without some hard work.
Meher #11 9/2/15/13:35

Giving an excuse instead of a reason is often worse than telling a lie as you are usually protecting yourself from revealing the real reason by providing us with a lie.
Wonay #18 9/2/15/12:04

Being brave does not always mean standing up and showing courage. It is to just be there when no one else dares to be.
Wonay #17 9/2/15/11:48

There is no shortcut to success. Success happens one little step or activity at a time.
Wonay #16 9/2/15/11:31

Utilizing all our senses and resources at our disposal every single day is crucial to achieving success in one's life.
Wonay #15 9/2/15/11:27

Taking the first step and doing the first thing in an activity is an important way to make the rest of the activity easier to complete.
Sapna #2 9/2/15/11:18

Simply living in hope is not a wise thing to do. Do something concrete to make your dreams come true.
Sapna #1 9/2/15/11:11

Sitting in silence for half an hour a day brings a sense of calm to our lives.
May #1 9/2/15/0:21

If you are happy with each day that you live and focus your energies on cherishing the present moment then you can call yourself successful once you have done this every day for several years.
Denise #8 8/2/15/22:33

When you take control of your life, accept everything that happens to you as your responsibility, and live your daily life without interference into the affairs of others then that is when you fully understand that you are totally free and completely control your own destiny.
Denise #7 8/2/15/22:26

Taking a step forward is much tougher than sitting down, doing nothing. Even a tiny step taken in the direction of your goal will take you one step closer to it.
Denise #6 8/2/15/22:19

You can succeed at most things you set out to achieve if you don't worry about what others will say and neither think about failure.
Wonay #14 8/2/15/22:18

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