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Very often students don't see any significant improvement in their English speaking skills simply because they do not follow one of the basis rules. That rule is to speak only in English even if you make mistakes. Something that might seem tough to do but once you try your hand at it you will realize it isn't that difficult. So go ahead and speak only in English from today.

English Improvement Tips | Jul 26 - 7:01pm

Savio ad
Start with small words, the basic phrases in the English language, then take it ahead from there. It's important that you monitor your progress every step of the way.
Jul 26 - 8:22pm

Denise ad
When I am learning to speak French I repeat the phrases that I want to learn many times until I am well versed with it.
Jul 26 - 8:22pm

Mohan ad
When I was learning English I followed this advice. Good one.
Aug 1 - 7:01pm

Sheila ad
English is a universal language. We have to practice speaking english right from school days. We should not give break to speaking in English even for a few weeks, then we loose the speed and stumble for words.
Aug 11 - 9:48pm

Gomathi ad
Speaking English is the need of the hour. Let us break the ice berg of hesitation & shyness & excel ourselves,speaking good English.
Aug 11 - 10:30pm

Kalpana ad
I told the same to my students and my nephew don't feel shy to speak in English,you can learn only by speaking.
Aug 28 - 2:26pm


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