Pokemon Mania Is Not Over Yet

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The Pokemon Go mania is not over yet. Millions of fans from around the world are still hooked on to the game and are playing it like there is no tomorrow. google

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Pokemon Go | Jul 28 - 1:36pm

Priti ad
I still have not managed to download a copy of this game. My friends have it but I don't. They are so busy playing the game that they aren't bothering to reply to my messages.
Jul 28 - 2:03pm

Savio ad
Priti, just like you, I too haven't received a copy of Pokemon Go as yet. It isn't released in India till now. Amazingly, many people here already seem to have the game though.
Jul 28 - 3:28pm

Mohan ad
Recent upgrades have caused many people to stop playing the game. Must wait n watch what happens in coming days.
Aug 1 - 6:54pm

Girish ad
Only wish if people would have followed their dreams and caught them with the same passion as they are while catching Pokémon.
Aug 2 - 4:52pm

Sheila ad
Anything beyond limit is addiction. Better we don't get that occupy our precious time. Every minute in our lives is being lost. So, we have to gain more knowledge with the limited time to achieve our goals.
Aug 11 - 9:02pm


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