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Increase your knowledge on all possible Psychological topics to be in a better position to counsel your clients more effectively. Know about common health issues, social issues, phobias, therapies, treatments, and anything else that helps you understand your clients better.

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Counseling Tips | Jul 31 - 9:14pm

Shany ad
Yes Sir. Only a counselor who increases his knowledge on a regular basis through reading, observing and doing research can effectively deal with the clients and their issues.
Aug 1 - 10:20am

Harpreet ad
It is very important for the counselor to update himself/herself regularly by reading anything and everything related with his/her field as it will help to deal with the various issues of different client.
Aug 1 - 10:25am

Jenny ad
I like to learn new things about my job as it makes me a brighter person. Knowledge should keep on growing. Thanks Sir.
Aug 1 - 1:01pm

Mohan ad
I like to increase my professional knowledge even if not a counsellor. Good tip.
Aug 1 - 6:56pm

Dolphi ad
I have keen interest in psychological topics. I feel I should have pursued this interest from the beginning.
Aug 2 - 10:00am

Pallavi ad
Counseling is a ongoing process, so it's very important to keep ourselves updated on the related topics. This will help us as well as our clients.
Aug 2 - 1:01pm

Girish ad
Yes precisely how the carpenter sharpens his saw, we need to sharpen our knowledge in the field that we want to excel in.
Aug 2 - 4:46pm

Sheila ad
Perfectly said Savio Sir. We have to acquire more knowledge on almost all topics to be a good counsellor. Science, medicine, Psychology, literature, divinity, lessons of life etc. Keep updating.
Aug 11 - 9:07pm

Gomathi ad
Sure Sir, we will put our maximum efforts in getting to know all the topics related psychology. It is interesting to explore the vast sea of psychology.
Aug 11 - 10:25pm


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