I Have Finally Discovered Myself

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Shahid Kapoor has revealed in a recent press feature that he has finally discovered himself after several years of being an actor in the Bollywood industry. google

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Shahid Kapoor | Jul 30 - 11:19pm

Savio ad
This is good news for all the Shahid Kapoor fans out there. Hopefully it's good news for the actor himself.
Jul 31 - 12:16am

Girish ad
If he truly has discovered himself at this age, I must say he is lucky that has been able to. Some people spend their entire life and pass away without discovering themselves.
Aug 2 - 4:44pm

Sheila ad
Most of the people plan for many things, but not about their vision or purpose. That's how they end up defeated, when they realise it is too late to plan and could have started their life. Do proper planning
Aug 11 - 9:11pm

Gomathi ad
Life puts us to many tests to discover our own self. Whatever be the tests, persistent trials should always be there. One fine day, we will know, who are we?
Aug 11 - 10:44pm

Dolphi ad
It is always a thrill to discover te real 'you' hidden deep within.
Aug 12 - 9:39am

Mamta ad
Good for him. Girish is right sometimes even after a passage of a lifetime people are unable to discover themselves.
Aug 12 - 11:04am


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