Happy Child

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Seeing the face of a happy child makes me feel happy in a jiffy. The child makes me even more happy when it is my own 7-year-old son 'Max' who is looking at me with a happy face. Life becomes more beautiful and joyful when we have happy people to spend time with in our daily lives.

Happiness In A Jiffy | Jul 26 - 8:36pm

Vibha ad
I totally agree with you on this one. I see a happy baby and I melt.
Jul 27 - 7:25pm

Jenny ad
Seeing the face of a happy child makes me happy too. Just reading this made me feel good inside Sir.
Aug 1 - 1:10pm

Mohan ad
I like happiness of a child. It is a good thing.
Aug 1 - 7:16pm

Dolphi ad
Children are innocent and they take life at its face value. That is why the happiness exuding from a child is contageous.
Aug 1 - 9:40pm

Girish ad
Children's happiness is unconditional.
Aug 2 - 4:24pm

Sheila ad
The moment we see a baby or a child, we forget our worries and keep smiling with it. Children are so innocent. They do not carryover any grudge. Even if the mom beats, it forgets and smiles at her. Happy child.
Aug 11 - 9:56pm

Gomathi ad
Every child is blessed with the God's gift of happiness. Of course, the moment we see a happy child, we glow like a newly bloomed flower of the day.
Aug 11 - 10:34pm

Rakhi ad
The joy, happiness a child brings in our life is unmatchable. Seeing a happy child makes you realise world is a beautiful place.
Aug 12 - 12:13am

Kalpana ad
Very true ,when we see a child we forget all our worries and if the child has a smile on his/her face it adds to beauty of the day.If the child is ours nothing more can give us satisfaction for the day.
Aug 28 - 2:29pm


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