Difficult Juggling Between Two Careers

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Priyanka Chopra has candidly admitted that is difficult for her to juggle between two continents and her twin careers, one in Hollywood for her TV show and the other in Hindi Cinema in India. google

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Priyanka Chopra | Jul 30 - 9:46pm

Jenny ad
I totally understand Priyanka M'am on this one. She is a good role model to youngsters in India. Must work hard.
Aug 1 - 1:09pm

Mohan ad
She must decide which career to choose if she finds it difficult to manage two roles.
Aug 1 - 6:46pm

Girish ad
I have noted that she has said it is 'difficult' but not 'impossible' to juggle between two careers. It is her passion that will drive her to surpass difficulties.
Aug 2 - 4:48pm


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