Good Questions

Your Favorite Advertisement On TV
If A Friend Is Being Bullied Or Harassed
3 Things You Do When Feeling Sad Or Depressed
If You Could Own Your Own Retail Store
Stupidest Things You Did With Your Cell Phone
If You Could Break One Thing
If You Were On The Cover Of A Magazine
What Sport Is The Most Boring
If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World
What Kind Of Person Will You Be In 5 Years
Computer Or Cellphone To Surf The Net
Things You Tell Yourself When Times Get Hard
Most Expensive Piece Of Clothing You Bought
Most Influential People In Your Life
What Kind Of Pet Would You Like To Have
Actor And Movie About Your Life
What Did You Do On Your Last Birthday
Do You Believe In Ghosts And Aliens
Choose Between Peace Love And Happiness
Funny Movie Worth Mentioning
Which Bird Would You Choose To Be
Change 3 Things In Your Home
Speak Any 3 Languages
A Journal Entry About Yesterday
More Important To Be Liked Or Respected
What Did You Do During The Summer Vacations
5 Places You Wish To Travel To
5 Of The Best Places You Have Ever Been To
4 Qualities Important For A Person To Be Successful
Your Two Favorite Sports Players In The World
2 Favorite Parts Of The Human Body
What Animal Would You Choose To Be
Name Any 5 Places That You Have Been To
Whole Week Free To Do Whatever You Wanted
What Are 3 Things You Would Like To Do
Greatest Crime One Person Can Commit
4 Best Places To Buy Your Dream Home
40 Minutes Ago 1 Hour Before That
Least Favorite Day Of The Week
Your Favorite Day Of The Week
3 Food Items To Eat On A Special Day
3 Things Would You Do To Relieve The Boredom
What Dessert Describes You The Best
4 Things That Are In Your Refrigerator Right Now
4 Things To Survive On A Deserted Island
The Last 3 Things You Watched On TV
Which Musical Instruments Do You Play
Would You Still Pick The Same Career Again
What Are Your 5 Favorite Leisure Time Activities
4 Best Things To Do On A Weekday Evening
How Is Your Life Lately
Do Famous People Have A Right To Private Life
People You Would Interview On Your Talk Show
Choose Between A Million Or Be Able To Fly
People Who Only Wear Black
2 Issues You Care About And Why
3 Things That Make You Angry
4 Exercises Or Sports Activities To Stay Fit
Ever Gone Back To The Place You Grew Up In
Your 5 Favorite Colors
How Late Did You Stay Up Last Night
Be A Cartoon Character For 24 Hours
Sunday Morning And Afternoon
Meet A Male And Female Celebrity From Bollywood
If You Had Only One Year Left To Live
Your 3 Most Priced Worldly Possessions
3 Favorite Things To Have For Tea
10am Yesterday Morning 10pm Last Night
What 4 Household Chores Do You Hate The Most
Favorite Hobbies And Special Talents
What Time Did You Go To Sleep Two Nights Ago
Pros And Cons Of Being A Celebrity
Better To Be Physically Attractive Or Intelligent
Lose Your Legs Or Lose Your Arms
Favorite Animal To Have As A Pet
2 Things That You Like Most About Yourself
You Are Marooned In A Desert Dying Of Thirst
Stressful And Boring News Channels On TV
Food You Wish To Have As Your Final Meal
If You Could Be God For A Day
16 Hours Ago 3 Hours Before That
Your Thoughts On The Weather
Your Thoughts On Banana And Mango
Choose A New Name For Yourself
Things That You Do In The Morning
Most Enjoyable Things To Do On A Vacation
Found Something Disgusting In Your Food
2 Hours Ago 1 Hour Before That
10 Minutes Left To Live
Favorite Subject In School
Movie You Watch Again And Again
3 Best Fruits To Eat
Which Fruit Do You Think You Are
Wisdom Or Fame Or Wealth
If You Had 1 Extra Hour A Day
Start Your Own Restaurant
What Were You Doing 30 Minutes Ago
5 Best Ways To Relax
45 Minutes Left To Live
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