Proverb Analysis

Trust Your Spouse And Kids
What My Neighbor Eats Does My Stomach No Good
Long Talk Makes Short Days
Small Minds Are Captivated By Trifles
The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
Look At All Sides Of The Story
Love Your Neighbor But Do Not Tear Down Your Fence
Necessity Breaks Iron
No Smoke Will Come Out Where There Is No Fire
Fear The Law Not The Judge
It Is The Small Expenses That Empty Your Purse
Only Those Who Do Nothing Never Make A Mistake
Anger Is A Bad Counselor
You Cannot Please Everybody
Carpe Diem
Bitter Pills May Have Blessed Effects
Every Dog Is A Tiger In His Own Street
What Is New Is Always Fine
It Is Hard To Find A Pin In The Dark
Do Not Put All Your Eggs In One Basket
Nothing Happens For Nothing
You Will Reap What You Will Sow
He Runs Far Who Never Turns
A House Divided Cannot Stand
Many Drops Of Water Make An Ocean
There Is A Time And Place For Everything
Kindnesses Like Grain Increase By Sowing
Never Refuse A Good Offer
Dogs Have Teeth In All Countries
They Are Welcome That Brings
Ask Too Much To Get Enough
When In Doubt Just Mumble
He Who Has Nothing Fears Nothing
He That Is Always Right Is Always Wrong
The Eyes Do Not See What The Mind Does Not Want
Never Too Old To Learn
An Empty Sack Cannot Stand
Only The Person Who Wears The Shoe Feels It When It Pitches
He Who Has Cattle On The Hill Will Not Sleep Easy
To Forget A Wrong Is The Best Revenge
He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune
He Who Insults Another Digs Two Graves
The Sleeping Fox Catches No Chickens
Keep Something For A Rainy Day
At A Round Table There Is No Dispute About Place
He Who Digs A Pit For Others Falls Into It Himself
Bigger The Tree And Harder She Falls
Wise Men Do Not Quarrel With Each Other
Never Judge From Appearances
Haste Makes Waste
Act Honestly And Answer Boldly
He That Seeks Finds
It Is Difficult To Swim Against The Stream
Early Bird Gets The Worm
A Penny Saved Is A Penny Gained
Put First Things First
When You Spit Against The Wind You Get A Dirty Beard
He Slumbers Enough Who Does Nothing
Whatever You Do Do With All Your Might
A Good Man In An Evil Society Seems The Greatest Villain Of All
The Sweetest Grapes Hang Highest
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Never Watch A Bonfire Wearing A Straw Coat
Anger Excites And Ruins
Many Hands Make Light Work
No Man Acquires Perfection All At Once
A White Tooth Has A Bloody Root
You Cannot Milk A Cow With Your Hands In Your Pants
Haste Is Good Only For Catching Flies
When Money Speaks The Truth Is Silent
Little Birds May Pick A Dead Lion
Do Not Drown Yourself To Save A Drowning Man
So The Man So His Shadow
Everyone Thinks His Own Burden Is Heavy
Punctuality Is The Soul Of Business
Idleness Is The Mother Of All Vice
Even The Best Cooking Pot Will Not Produce Food
You Cannot Buy Fate
Cats That Wear Gloves Catch No Mice
Silence Does Seldom Harm
Seek Knowledge From The Cradle To The Grave
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Every Medal Has Its Reverse
Sing As If No One Were Listening
It Is Easy To Be Brave From A Safe Distance
Even A Little Is More Than Nothing
Do Not Teach A Learned Person
Bitten Smitten
Leisurely Lazy
Tool Blamer
Learn To Write
Howl Like Wolves
Without Sleep
Big Fish

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