About Enoma9

Enoma9 gives news headlines, insightful quotes, interesting facts and useful information in Bites (about 40 words each).

Enoma9 was founded in the year 2011 by Savio DSilva.

The objective is to give you useful and relevant information without the need to dig deeper or waste one's valuable time on surfing through endless nonsense.

Enoma9 provides you with the latest news headlines, facts, quotes, lessons, secrets and tips that takes less than 10 seconds to read each one.

There is a focus on our visitors from India, though we are covering the world as well, over 100 major topics and celebrities are covered.

Skim through the daily headlines and information in a minute, stay on top of things, know the news of the day without breaking a sweat.

Get the news and updates that affect you without wasting time reading through endless news stories and intensive long articles.

The Bites are written by seasoned content writers, covers the topic well, and gives you a great idea about the same.

We attempt to cover most of the latest news and trends that have happened on any given day of the year.

Apart from the news, there are interesting posts on Psychology and hundreds of topics on the Open Forum and Cafe Enoma.

There are thousands of example sentences formed for popular dictionary words for those looking to improve their English.


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